Tennis Betting Sites & Apps (April 2024)


These days, tennis is one of the most popular sports for betting worldwide, and India is no exception. Punters who prefer to bet on tennis matches can benefit from thousands of pre-match and in-game matches monthly, unique betting markets, and strong odds. In this ultimate review, we have gathered the best tennis betting sites in India available online. No matter if you are an experienced bettor or a newcomer, there are certain factors you need to take into account before placing your wagers on the best betting sites for India. Keep reading, and we will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Full list of Tennis betting sites

Found: 20 Bookmakers

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Tennis Online sports betting – The ultimate guide


Tennis Online sports betting – The ultimate guide

With the current popularity of tennis for sports wagering, getting lost in the variety of tennis betting sites is easier than ever. Each platform has its pros and cons, and our task is to help you choose a bookmaker that will make your sports wagering experience as profitable as possible. For this ultimate review, we conducted rounded research on all intricacies of tennis wagering. Here, you will study the most beneficial betting tactics and find the best betting sites for tennis in India.

Our recommended TOP-3 websites for Tennis betting online

Now that you have a general overview of tennis wagering and how it works, it’s time to make your pick among the best tennis betting sites in India. As we already mentioned, it is highly recommended to create your accounts with several bookmakers at once so that you can catch the most beneficial odds. Which bookmakers to choose? Go through our list of trusted websites for tennis wagering and make your pick!

  1. 1 # Website for Tennis bets - Pin-Up bet

    Pin-Up bet firmly holds its position on the list of top tennis betting sites for Indian punters. This website, established back in 2019, can offer a decent number of tennis events regularly with wide betting lines and unique bet types. There is a convenient Android application as well, and iOS users can benefit from a mobile-friendly browser version. Moreover, the tennis odds displayed on Pin-Up bet are among the strongest compared to other sportsbooks.

    Website for Tennis bets - Pin-Up bet
  2. 2 # Website for Tennis bets - Bons

    Another decent platform among top tennis betting sites, Bons was established in 2019. Although some reviewers complain about the comparatively narrow range of available sports and only 8,000 live events per month (which is a bit lower than on the other sportsbooks), Bons can still offer you more than 40 betting markets for tennis. Such an extensive variety will help you construct the most profitable betting strategy.

    Website for Tennis bets - Bons
  3. 3 # Website for Tennis bets - 20Bet

    This website, established back in 2020, is favored by many tennis bettors. Apart from the thousands of pre-match and in-game events lately, it can also offer unique tennis bet types, as well as alternative handicaps for tennis wagering. The 20Bet is crypto-friendly and allows for full or partial cashouts. Besides, there is a 100% Welcome Bonus for all newcomers.

    Website for Tennis bets - 20Bet

How to bet on Tennis online?

Before you make your pick from our suggested variety of trusted betting sites for tennis, check the steps required for tennis wagering.

  1. Check our list of betting sites for tennis

    We sorted out the options and created a list of the best tennis betting sites in India exclusively for you. Make your pick and register with one or several platforms before wagering. You won’t be able to start wagering without a personal account.

  2. Register to your chosen bookmaker

    Find the ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’ button and enter all the required information. Besides, most bookmakers will also ask you to verify your personal account before you’ll be able to start placing your bets. Be patient with the verification process, as it will ensure the complete security of your personal and financial info on the website.
  3. Deposit funds

    Pick from the list of available payment methods and deposit your funds on the website. As soon as your deposit is accepted, you’ll be able to start wagering.

  4. Place your bets

    Go to the ‘Sports’ or ‘Live Betting’ section of your chosen bookmaker, pick an event from the list, and click on the odds of the outcome you wish to bet on. Your bet will appear in the ‘Bet Slip’ window. There, you’ll only have to enter the bet amount and confirm.

  5. Get your winnings!

    Keep track of your current bets and be ready to grab your winnings on time. We also advise that you check the withdrawal limits and periods of your bookmaker in advance. In case you want to withdraw your cash right after your wager wins, you’ll have to reach the minimum that will be eligible for a withdrawal first.

Top 2 mobile apps for Tennis betting

With the current level of popularity of mobile-friendly bookmakers, choosing the best option for yourself may be challenging. Tennis is a tremendously popular option for mobile betting, so we sorted out the best modern tennis wagering applications for this review. Both of these sportsbooks are compatible with Android, iOS, and Microsoft mobile platforms. Besides, you can benefit from some exclusive bonus offers for mobile application users.

Tennis Betting app - 1xBet

1xBet application is an official mobile app of a trusted bookmaker 1xBet, who has a decent experience in the sports betting industry. As for now, there are no special bonus features for mobile-only users, so you’ll have to sign up from your laptop first if you want to get some exclusive treats. Nevertheless, the official 1xBet mobile app still holds an insane level of popularity among punters due to its usability and extensive choice of daily, weekly, and monthly sports events.



No welcome bonus for mobile users

Live streaming is unavailable for some events

Tennis Betting app - 20Bet

20Bet is the second-best mobile app for tennis betting. The platform has advertised its official application as an extremely convenient tool for quick and effortless sports wagering from any corner of the world. We can totally agree with that. By using 20Bet on your mobile device, you can place and track your wagers easily and without the need to always log into your account.



No live chat in the app

Restricted in some countries

Useful tips and strategies for Tennis betting

Useful tips and strategies for Tennis betting

Just placing your wager as soon as you see high odds is risky, and you have to be aware of all the intricacies of the match you’re planning to bet on. If you don’t want to end up placing a losing wager, there are some handy tips that will guide you through the process of online tennis betting.

  1. Place a bet only when there is a significant value

    Remember to look only for the odds that are higher than the actual market probability. High odds can greatly increase your winning chances.
  2. Always specialize

    Gather as much useful info on the players as you can, and check the detailed overview of the match before making your predictions. Remember: you’re not only a bettor but also a sports expert. Trust yourself with this one.
  3. Open accounts with different bookmakers

    It’s better to always have personal accounts on several bookmakers at once. If you do that, you can always compare the odds given by different platforms and thus place a wager with the highest winning potential.
  4. Always keep a record of every bet placed on tennis

    Don’t forget to follow all updates on the match you’re betting on, especially if you place your stakes in-game. Sometimes, the odds can change unexpectedly during the ongoing game, and such turns can influence your wagers as well.
  5. Understand returning and serving

    The odds can change in the blink of an eye if there’s, for example, an unexpected and very professional serving. Get a general insight into the game rules and possible variations of them before wagering.
  6. Be informed of the playing styles

    Study the playing styles of both competitors and try to define which one of them has more winning potential for a specific match. If you’re aware of all the important details of every competitor’s playing style, you’ll be able to predict a probable winner in a heartbeat.

Best special types of bets to bet on Tennis

The best tennis betting sites also provide their users with an impressive number of betting markets and wide betting lines. There are various betting markets you can use for your tennis wagering, and each one of them can greatly contribute to your winning tactic.


Even though Moneyline is one of the most common bet types for tennis wagering, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be profitable. If you choose to bet on the moneyline, you’ll have to put your stake on one of the outcomes of the tennis match, taking into account the displayed odds first.

Game Spread

In the game spread betting, there is a spread defined by the bookmaker at the beginning of the tennis match. The favorite and the underdog are chosen as well. Your task is to wager on the competitor that, from your point of view, will cover the spread by a certain predefined number of games or sets.


In this type of tennis betting, you aren’t supposed to guess the winner but the duration of the match, saying whether the number of sets will be over or under a certain amount.

Set Spread

In set spread tennis wagering, you’ll have to bet on the competitor who will win the most sets in one match. The set spread commonly appears at -1.5.

Tennis Live betting

Tennis Live betting

Live betting is an extremely widespread form of betting for tennis fans. The concept of it is simple: you’re placing your wagers not on the upcoming but on the current live game. The best tennis betting sites always provide their users with a live betting function for all tennis matches. Tennis is a thrilling and usually unpredictable game, so the odds in the process can change rapidly. If you decide to bet on tennis live, you must understand all the risks. Pick several platforms from our list of betting sites for tennis, then create and verify your accounts on each one of them. While the match is live, don’t rush into placing your bets right away. First, check and compare the odds suggested by several bookies. Then, wait for the right moment to strike. Picking the most profitable odds are 50% of your success in live betting. However, never forget that the expected winner in any tennis match can change at the last second, so be ready for any unpredictable events.

Biggest and trusted Tennis betting site. Online tennis betting site

Our search for the best tennis betting sites is not over yet. We still have some decent platforms to offer, along with their exclusive features, bonuses, and promotions. So if you still haven’t made your pick, consider the options below.

  1. Biggest Tennis betting site – 20Bet

    20Bet is another option worth your attention among online tennis betting sites. It was established in 2020. Even though the platform is relatively new, it is constantly expanding its range of available sports and exclusive betting markets. Besides, it has got alternative handicaps for tennis, and this greatly expands the scope of available tennis bet types. Consider 20Bet if you want to create your own strong wagering strategy.

     biggest Tennis betting site – 20Bet

Always check bookmakers for the best Tennis odds

Every punter knows that odds are crucial for any type of sports wagering. However, taking the odds into account before placing your wagers on tennis is a must. Given that tennis is an especially popular sport of live betting on most online tennis betting sites, the odds can change, sometimes drastically, in the course of a match. Be ready for this and always check the suggested odds on the best tennis betting sites before placing your stakes. Moreover, it won’t harm to create your accounts with several bookmakers at once. When the time comes for placing your wager, you’ll be able to compare and pick the strongest odds for a game,

Bookmaker margin for the top Tennis leagues

Bookmaker margin for the top Tennis leagues
Bookmaker Australian Open French Open Wimbledon US Open
7.05% 5.04% 5.49% 5.47%
5.01% 6.92% 8.78% 7.67%
6.49% 6.06% 5.34% 8.23%
6.12% 7.73% 8.09% 6.17%

Online Tennis Betting Sites - Summary

Having existed since the 12th century, tennis remains one of the most popular sports for land-based and online betting, along with football, basketball, and ice hockey. The best online betting sites in India allow their clients to place pre-match and in-play tennis bets with a huge variety of markets, special bet types, and a major selection of big tournaments and competitions.

In this review, we have gathered bookmakers with the strongest tennis betting odds. Thanks to it, you can settle on the option that suits you and start placing lucrative tennis bets right away. Try your luck at tennis wagering now and be sure that the process won’t disappoint.



Is tennis betting popular in India?

Sure, tennis is one of the first options you’ll see if you open the list of available sports on any of the best tennis betting sites in India.

What are the most common betting markets for tennis?

The most popular types of bets for tennis are moneyline, game spread, over/under, and set spread.

Are there any bonuses and promotions for tennis bettors?

Tennis is an extremely popular sport for wagering, so there are always enough exclusive bonuses and promotions for tennis bettors.

Can I bet on tennis live?

Sure, you can choose to bet both on pre-match and in-game events.

How do I find the best bookmaker to bet on tennis?

You can check our list of the best tennis betting sites in India and pick the one that suits you best.

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