Best Horse Racing Betting Sites in India


Horse racing is an event that is exciting and attracts a lot of sports bettors around the world, including Indian punters. In this article, we are going to introduce the best horse race betting sites to you and dive into horse racing betting history. So, are you ready? Let’s get it all started right now.

Full List of Horse Racing Betting Sites

Found: 7 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim
1 Bons

10$ NO DEPOSIT Freebet

2 1xbet

100% bonus up to ₹20,000

3 Bet365

Up to ₹4,000 in bet credits

4 MelBet

100% bonus up to ₹20,000

5 Mostbet

125% bonus up to ₹25,000

6 22bet

100% bonus up to ₹10,000

7 Betway

100% Matched Deposit Bonus up to ₹500

Horse Racing Online Sports Betting – The Ultimate Guide


Best Horse Racing Betting Sites in India

You are on your way to start getting acquainted with this ultimate guide on online horse racing betting. Here, we are going to tell you everything you, as a horse racing punter, may need before diving into your betting journey. First of all, we'll include some interesting historical facts, and then we'll go for more. You will be able to check out the list of the best bookmaker websites for online horse racing betting and receive the best tips and strategies for successful results. If this is what you need, scroll down and stay with us.

A Brief History of Horse Racing Betting

A Brief History of Horse Racing Betting

Betting on horse racing appeared and was first established in the United Kingdom in the early 1600s. The reason is simple – King James I was keen on horse racing, and this is how this sport’s popularity started spreading across the country. Later on, the British government wanted to make horse betting a legal activity and created the Race Betting Act of 1928.

In 1961, the world saw the Betting Levy Act, and since 1996 and up to the present, horse racing has been an extremely popular event to wager on among punters that enter betting sites horses, and casino platforms.

Here are some interesting facts you may be glad to discover:

  1. Horse racing in the UK appeared during the reign of King James
  2. Over $100 billion is wagered in 53 countries annually
  3. A bet to win, a bet to place, and a bet to show are the most common bet types
  4. At the 1900 Paris Olympic Games, Equestrian events were first introduced

There are some punters who may underestimate horse racing considering it boring and not popular. Although it's a myth we can debunk – it is one of the most popular events in the gambling world and among bettors around the globe. Scroll down and check out the table of basic information on horse racing and see when it was first introduced, what organisations control the industry, the level of bookmaker coverage, and other important information.

A Brief History of Horse Racing Betting
🏛️ First Introduced In the early 1600s
🏢 Overseeing Organizations International Federation of Horseracing Authorities
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
Popular in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia
🌎 World Championship The Grand National
Cheltenham – the Gold Cup
The Champion Hurdle
The Kentucky Derby
🏅 Olympic Discipline No

How to Bet On the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites?

If you are a newbie to the betting world, you may probably need a simple step-by-step guide and see what you should do to place your very first bet on the top 10 horse racing betting sites. Are you ready? Let's go and see what exactly has to be done on your way of placing the very first wager.

  1. Check Our Bookmaker List

    The first thing you have to do is to check our well-designed and thoughtful list of the best online horse racing betting sites. You’ll simply have to read more about each and discover more about the present features and offers. This way, you’ll be able to see which one works better for you.

  2. Register to Your Chosen Bookmaker

    Choosing online horse betting sites is harder than the steps that follow. So, once you do this, you can simply go to the chosen website and click on the Sign-up button. Fill in the needed information and verify your account to continue. To do so, you’ll probably be asked to show any of your ID documents or you will simply have to confirm your account by email or a phone number.

  3. Deposit Funds

    Afterward, you’ll have to focus on one out of all available banking options presented on top horse racing betting sites and deposit funds into your verified account. After the money is deposited, you can go straight to the horse racing event section and choose a competition to bet on.

  4. Place Your Bets

    When the event is selected, it’s time to think everything over, build a strategy, choose a needed money amount and finally place your bet on online horse racing betting sites. Now, you’re all set and can wait for the outcome to see if your initial guess was correct or not.

  5. Get Your Winnings!

    If you predicted the result correctly, lucky you! You can wait for the prizes to get delivered to your account – afterward, you’ll be able to withdraw your money with fun and minimum effort on betting sites horse racing. See, there is nothing complicated about placing your first bet – the procedure is simple.

Top 3 Mobile Apps for Horse Racing Betting

Life never stands still which is why both old and new horse racing betting sites try to do their best and not be behind. Modern bettors tend to stick to mobile bookmakers as it allows them to play anywhere and anytime they want. So, here are 3 mobile apps for horse racing betting we have picked out you may want to consider.

  1. #1 Horse Racing Betting App – 22Bet

    You can’t find a more convenient way to place a bet than simply making use of your smartphone. 22Bet is the first bookmaker mobile app we want to talk about today in this guide. It is extremely easy to download and navigate. Plus, 22Bet presents many horse racing events to choose from and it offers high odds on this sport as well.

    Horse Racing Betting App – 22Bet
  2. #2 Horse Racing Betting App – 20Bet

    20Bet is one of the most popular horse racing betting sites for sure, and it also offers its own easy-to-use mobile app. Just like the desktop version, it offers the same features – you can register, deposit, withdraw funds, and place bets with ease without being limited in your actions.

    Horse Racing Betting App – 20Bet
  3. #3 Horse Racing Betting App – PariMatch

    The PariMatch mobile app is optimised to provide betting on horse racing events with ease and minimum effort. In India, this bookmaker is extremely popular and currently one of the leaders in the betting market. The app is simple, and the only drawback is that the registration process may take some time.

    Horse Racing Betting App – PariMatch

Useful Tips and Strategies for Horse Racing Betting

Useful Tips and Strategies for Horse Racing Betting

When placing bets on horse racing online betting sites, you have to remain calm and keep a cool head. To act responsibly, pay more attention to these useful tips and strategies for horse racing betting.

  1. Research Your Horses

    Before you place a bet on betting sites for horse racing, you need to understand one thing – you have to be well-aware of the nuances of horse racing. Thus, it’s best to research the horses and discover more information in order to be able to predict the outcome of the competition.

  2. Don’t Focus on Your Favourite

    As we said, you have to keep a cool head. We understand that you may have your favourite horses but they are not necessarily the leaders. You can still like your favourite but focus on the winning options first.

  3. Large Races are More Profitable

    Another great strategy we want to share is going for large races on horse betting sites online. Why so? In the gambling world, they are considered more profitable compared to the others.

  4. Keep Records

    If you start keeping your betting records, you’ll see how well it can turn out for you. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of your bets and see which ones work out best for you and are most profitable as a result.

  5. The Dutching System

    The dutching system refers to a technique that supposes backing more than just one outcome of the selected competition. This way, you can increase your chances of winning a prize.

  6. Follow Trusted Tipsters

    Tipsters are people who tell for free or sell their predictions of the outcome to punters. As a rule, their opinions come out to be true so it makes sense to follow trusted tipsters. Think of it as a small investment that can help you get a better profit as a result.

Best Types of Bets to Bet On Horse Racing

The gambling world offers a variety of bet types to pick from. Let us give you more details on each of the best types of bets on horse race betting sites. Then, you’ll be more aware of existing options and you’ll be able to see which one works better for you.

Single Betting

A single horse racing bet supposes betting on one selection only. To get a prize, this selection has to be successful. Otherwise, you won’t succeed. This bet type is probably the most popular among punters.

Double Betting

If you choose double betting when placing wagers on horse racing events, you will have to bet on two selections in different events and to get a return, both selections must be successful.

Treble Betting

If you are going for treble betting, it simply means you will have to bet on three selections in three different events at the same time. If they all are correct, you become the winner and get the prize.

Accumulator Betting

Here comes another bet type. To succeed at accumulator betting, you’ll have to place a wager on four or even more selections, and this bet pays out only in case all selections are winning.

Horse Racing Live Betting

Horse Racing Live Betting

It is quite obvious that not everyone has an idea of what exactly live betting on horse racing is or how to bet on in-play events in general. This is why we are here - let us tell you more about live horse racing betting. When you place a wager on pre-match games, you have a lot of time to think everything over, put all the knowledge together, and come up with a final decision. When betting in live mode on the best horse racing online betting sites, you can do the same thing but bets are only wagered after the game has started. Thus, your decision can change depending on the current situation. Why do so many people prefer this very type of betting? It is simply more exciting and intriguing. Plus, sometimes it brings even better profit.

Our Recommended Top-4 Horse Racing Betting Sites in India

We have collected everything you, as either an experienced punter or a newbie, may need when choosing a reliable and beneficial bookmaker. These four online horse race betting sites in India will make the best impression and allow you to wager safely and with fun. Scroll down to see what we’ve prepared for you.

  1. 1 # Website for Horse Racing Bets – Crickex

    Crickex is one of the best online horse betting sites on the market so far. The most distinguishing features are betting exchange, high odds, and great customer support. You may be bummed out about the limited number of withdrawal methods but the functionality of the site will outweigh the drawbacks.

    1 # Website for Horse Racing Bets – Crickex
  2. 2 # Website for Horse Racing Bets – 10Cric

    Looking for more cool and, more importantly, legal horse betting sites to place your wagers? Pay attention to 10Cric – it offers great odds, excellent 24/7 customer support, and 240,000 events to bet on monthly, including horse racing competitions. Bonuses and promotions are also included.

    2 # Website for Horse Racing Bets – 10Cric
  3. 3 # Website for Horse Racing Bets – Bet365

    Bet365 is one of the top horse betting sites best known for fast withdrawals, a quickly-responding interface, and intuitive navigation. There are many payment options and events to bet on, so your choice is not limited whatsoever. You’ll be impressed by how easy the bet settlement process is.

    3 # Website for Horse Racing Bets – Bet365
  4. 4 # Website for Horse Racing Bets – MelBet

    MelBet is also on the list of the best horse betting sites for both newbies and experienced punters. Probably, the main advantage of this bookie is that it offers instant withdrawals and you don’t have to wait for days to get your prize in your hands. Here, you’ll find a variety of banking options and horse racing events to place a bet on.

    4 # Website for Horse Racing Bets – MelBet

Top 2 World Known Horse Race Betting Sites

These best international horse racing betting sites will not leave you indifferent but will leave you impressed for sure. Let’s see what features they offer and how popular they are among Indian punters. Scroll down.

  1. #1 World known Horse Racing Betting Site – Betway

    Looking for the newest and coolest feature-rich horse betting sites? Betway is one of the options you’ll be glad to consider as it offers quick withdrawals, even on the weekends, 20+ banking options, extensive coverage of horse racing events, and 24/7 customer support available in 10 languages.

    #1 New Horse Racing Betting Site – Betway
  2. #2 World known Horse Racing Betting Site – Bet365

    The next bookmaker from our list of new horse betting sites is Bet365. This bookie is well-known for its intuitive interface, easy-to-reach customer support service available in multiple languages, and a nice range of horse racing competitions. Plus, it is absolutely legal and has licenses from the UKGC, the MGA, and the Gibraltar Betting Association.

    #2 New Horse Racing Betting Site – Bet365

Always Check Bookmakers for the Best Horse Racing Odds

Of course, there are many essential aspects you have to pay attention to when selecting the best online betting sites for horse racing to place bets, including checking those platforms for security measures, customer support, and licenses. Although, among reliable bookies, you should turn to another important factor and look for those that offer the higher odds. Check our ranking for the best horse racing odds and make a decision.

Bookmaker Margin for the Top Horse Racing Leagues

Best Football Odds
Bookmaker Grand National Cheltenham – The Gold Cup Champion Hurdle Kentucky Derby
7.82% 7.51% 8.12% 6.78%
7.51% 7.34% 6.92% 7.25%
7.67% 6.99% 8.42% 6.45%
8.58% 6.43% 7.30% 7.31%
7.72% 6.41% 7.31% 6.38%


? When horse racing appeared first?
Horse racing appeared in the early 1600s in the United Kingdom.
? Is horse racing an Olympic Games discipline?
Yes, it is. Horse racing events were first held at the 1900 Paris Olympics.
? What is the main thing I should check before betting?
Before you start betting, make sure you choose Indian horse racing betting sites that offer high odds.
? What are the most popular bet types?
Single bets, double bets, treble bets, and accumulator bets are the most common ones so far.
? On which events can I bet?
The most popular events to bet on are competitions of The Grand National, Cheltenham – the Gold Cup, The Champion Hurdle, and The Kentucky Derby.

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